Villas in Lazio are famous since the Roman age, when the richest and most powerful men of Rome, the capital of the Roman Republic and Empire, started to build their wonderful residences. Those upper class people were called “Patrician”, and they belonged to the most ancient and influential families of the city. Most of them were important actors in Senate, and daily took important decisions related to the political life of the society. They had a lot of money, so they built many amazing residences along the countryside (Rustic Villas), but also in Rome (Urban Villas), where the magnificent aspect could better show the owner’s richness and power to the citizens. These were the first villas in Lazio in the history.

Even if many villas in Lazio of Roman age have not come down to us, some of them are still preserved in a good state. You can visit but not rent these villas in Lazio, neither in case of rare and special events. They are like museums, with artistic paintings, decorations and fountains. One of the most beautiful examples of these kinds of villas in Lazio is Hadrian’s Villa, situated in Tivoli near Rome, which had been Roman Emperor Hadrian residence during the second and third decades of the 2nd century AD.

Today, Lazio’s charm is still strong and many tourists come from every part of the world to visit Rome, the eternal city, and many others famous locations. Many tourists choose to stay in hotel or holiday houses, but new trend is to rent villas in Lazio. Obviously, these buildings have nothing to do with villas from the Roman age, however they offer a very relaxing stay, surrounded by nature. Some villas also have an elegant pool in the wide garden just out of the door. Large inner and outer spaces in exclusive residences, provided with any kind of comfort and services. With such features, rent villas in Lazio are perfect for any kind of holiday, both for families and groups of friends. Generally, rental duration is one or two weeks, and you can directly choose your villa looking on the internet, where many specialized websites provide online booking possibility. You can pay with credit card or via bank transfer. The price for renting a villa in Lazio depends on your stay’s duration and on the specific kind of villa, for example you can pay more if there are more rooms and accessories. Villas are not expensive if compared with a five stars hotel accommodation, furthermore you will be completely free to organize your days, enjoying relax or going to visit some special points of touristic interest.

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Are you in Italy to enjoy a wonderful holiday or for a stay of a couple of months? Do you like if also to discover the wonders of the Italian cities you can have the opportunity to learn the Italian language?

The intensive italian language courses in Italy are organized just to meet the needs of those not having too much time in Italy and research good opportunities to learn the Italian language quickly. In Italy several language schools offer these opportunities to foreign students who visit to Italy and try to learn a new language.

The school of Torre di Babele in Rome, for example, with more than 20 years of its activity is focused in teaching Italian to foreign students. The school offers annually different modes of language courses according to the needs and the preparation of individual students.

The intensive italian language courses in Italy, for example, are suitable for those who want to learn the language in an average time of 12 weeks, or in two or three months. There are also courses to learn the language in 5 or 10 weeks, but the intensive courses provide more than a good knowledge of the Italian language.

In this case, the course provides for up to 20 lessons per week and is accompanied by a rich cultural program that makes easier the teaching of the Italian language. The program may concern cultural excursions in the italian city or regions, guided visits to monuments, museums, participation in cultural events, sports or recreational activities to associate education and entertainment. The school of Torre di Babele, also works with several language schools in Italy so as to allow each student who is following an intensive language course, to spend a week of courses in other beautiful cities of Italy such as Milan, Venice or Florence. The classes are made up of students from all over the world. Usually the classes have a maximum number of 12 people, in order to make the lessons easier to follow and give more attention to each student.

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Corporate governance is a very complex argument. It refers to groups of rules which regulates companies life and management, in particular the relations among shareholders, directors and any other person involved. Since year 2000, corporate governance has become more and more important, especially considering the international financial crisis that pointed out the attention on companies behaviour. Many companies have been failing and today many others are still in great economical difficulty, hit by dramatic worldwide chain reactions. The main consequence is that people no longer trust companies, so in many cases the value of stock market actions collapsed.

In recent years, many studies focused on how to re-build trust for the companies through a good corporate governance. Is very important to improve communication between shareholders and board directors, managers and press. Each communication must be as transparent as possible: transparency is the key point in every communication, and it can be a very good strategy to increase a company’s value on the market. Value creation is the basic purpose of all corporate activity, and a company can increase its value through profits and efficiency: that’s what corporate governance is for.

During its life, a company can face extraordinary situations like mergers and acquisitions. Before dealing with the importance of corporate governance in M&A, is important to explain the difference between these two situations. A merger is when two or more companies combine themselves to form a completely new company, while an acquisition happens when one company purchase another one company: in this second case no new companies are formed. The reasoning behind mergers and acquisitions is that two companies together are more valuables than two separate companies, and merging two companies creates more value than their sum.

Talking about corporate governance M&A, we can broadly divide mechanisms in two groups, according with their internal or external nature. The internal governance mechanism includes structure and role of the boards, the role of the CEO, the nature of employment practices, incentives and reward measures. External corporate mechanisms are capital markets, product markets, managerial labor market, market for corporate control. After a merger or an acquisition, new company must focus on human rights, environment, labor condition and anti-corruption.

Sodali, global leader in corporate governance M&A, is a conflict free international consultancy. Sodali is exclusively dedicated to advising Boards and the Management of companies on shareholder response and shareholder communication. Every member of Sodali’s team of professionals agreed to a code of business conduct. Sodali’s offices are located in London, New York, Athens, Copenhagen, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Rome.

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Why you should attend culinary schools in Italy? Maybe you are just curious to discover something new in your life, or maybe you are a cooking lover and you want to know secrets behind good tasting dishes you eat. One more reason, not less important than the previous ones, is about job. Today, if you want your career in cooking, you need a good cooking education. You need to attend lessons, learn recipes and make experience. It’s important to learn basics of cooking, then specializing in some specific kind of cooking.

Cooking is absolutely one of the most known elements of Italian culture in the world. Not just spaghetti or pizza, but a very large variety of good tasting dishes, coming from a long and consolidated tradition. Italian people is really proud of Italian gusto: Italian restaurants are appreciated in every part of the world. That’s why many people choose culinary schools in Italy.

Main Italian cooking elements to focus on are fresh pasta, artisan “gelato” and Italian desserts, Italian artisan breads and pizza and regional Italian cuisine. This last aspect in very important, considering that each Italian region has its traditional recipes and products. Some examples, worldwide famous, are Prosciutto di Parma, a particular and very sweet kind of ham, and the Chianti of Tuscany, that is both a specific geographic area but also a very good tasting red wine.

Torre di Babele, one of the best culinary schools in Italy, is located in Rome, the capital city. It offers a very interesting way to learn how to cook Italian recipes. In facts its courses of cooking can be associated with Italian languages lessons. In this way you can learn Italian language and cooking at the same time. Attending a culinary school you will improve your vocabulary and your cooking skills, going deeply into Italian culture and tradition too. That’s why it’s important to directly study in Italy, where you have the opportunity to stay in close contact with the costumes and the spirit of the nation.

Torre di Babele offers four different kinds of courses. Italian cooking has just one week duration: this is a light version course, reserved to curios people who just want to learn basics. It is also possible to associate this course with Italian language lessons. Furthermore, there is the possibility to attend individual lessons or in group. Any course of Torre di Babele culinary school comes with wine tasting seminar,  held in one of the best known “enoteca” in Rome.

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This guide it’s a collection of things and factors you should consider in evaluating best Italian schools to attend.

First step is where you want to study Italian. Today you can find many Italian schools around the world. Maybe you can find one even in the city where you live. Furthermore, technology provides one more solution, because some schools offer the opportunity to attend their online courses, watching video lessons directly from your pc monitor, a very easy and cheap way to learn if you want just to try. On the contrary, if you want to learn a perfect Italian, you should consider the option to invest more money and chose only high profile Italian schools. Obviously, best solution is to directly study Italian in Italy, in one of the main cities of the country such as: Venice, Milan, Turin, Naples, Florence, Bologna and Rome, the capital. Life in this cities is more exciting, with many tourists and several cultural attractions. You can find many museums, monuments, but also pubs, bars and clubs to have fun. Cost of living in a big city could be a negative aspect, but if you rent a room or an apartment located outside of the centre you can save money. In conclusion, studying in Italy you will have the opportunity to attend lessons, but you will also be continuously in contact with Italian people too. This means that your Italian will improve faster.

Second factor to consider is about school typology. Cheap schools are usually worse than expensive ones, so if you want to learn a very good Italian you have to choose only accredited Italian schools and training institutes. Instead, if you don’t want to spend money, you can watch some free video lessons on Youtube.

Duration is another important aspect to consider. More learning days mean better Italian, but they mean more expenses too. You have to decide considering if you’re going to study Italian because it is important for a job, or if it’s just an hobby. In the first case your costs will be an investment and you can choose an Italian school with very good and long Italian courses. On the contrary, it’s better to save money and to attend a short language course.

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