Are you in Italy to enjoy a wonderful holiday or for a stay of a couple of months? Do you like if also to discover the wonders of the Italian cities you can have the opportunity to learn the Italian language?

The intensive italian language courses in Italy are organized just to meet the needs of those not having too much time in Italy and research good opportunities to learn the Italian language quickly. In Italy several language schools offer these opportunities to foreign students who visit to Italy and try to learn a new language.

The school of Torre di Babele in Rome, for example, with more than 20 years of its activity is focused in teaching Italian to foreign students. The school offers annually different modes of language courses according to the needs and the preparation of individual students.

The intensive italian language courses in Italy, for example, are suitable for those who want to learn the language in an average time of 12 weeks, or in two or three months. There are also courses to learn the language in 5 or 10 weeks, but the intensive courses provide more than a good knowledge of the Italian language.

In this case, the course provides for up to 20 lessons per week and is accompanied by a rich cultural program that makes easier the teaching of the Italian language. The program may concern cultural excursions in the italian city or regions, guided visits to monuments, museums, participation in cultural events, sports or recreational activities to associate education and entertainment. The school of Torre di Babele, also works with several language schools in Italy so as to allow each student who is following an intensive language course, to spend a week of courses in other beautiful cities of Italy such as Milan, Venice or Florence. The classes are made up of students from all over the world. Usually the classes have a maximum number of 12 people, in order to make the lessons easier to follow and give more attention to each student.