If you are looking for villas for rent Italy is the perfect place to live an unforgettable vacation. Exclusives structures with pools and many more comforts are waiting for you in Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Amalfi Coast and many more  beautiful locations of Italy.

When we think about a very beautiful country where spending our holiday time, Italy often come to our minds. This happens because there are few places in the world which can be compared to the famous “Bel Paese” country.  Italy has wonderful sea and coasts, amazing natural landscapes and many cities which preserve a very impressive number of cultural, artistic and historical attractions, for examples Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Palermo and obviously Rome, the capital of the nation, the eternal city. The country is very appreciated by tourists coming from all over the world.

In recent years, in addition to traditional tourism made of hotel, residences and holiday village accommodation, a new kind of tourism has been growing up in Italy. It’s about villas for rent. Villas for rent in Italy are very characteristic locations where people can enjoy relax and stay in close contact with nature. These buildings are usually located in the countryside, surrounded by a very quiet atmosphere which is perfect to distract you from the insane job routine of your everyday life. These exclusives locations have a strong and rough outer aspect, but they offer any kind of service. They have wide bedrooms and inner spaces, large kitchens sometimes equipped with chimneys. Outside, many villas for rent in Italy have garden and pool. This qualities makes villas perfect locations to live a completely relaxing family holiday, but also to host extremely cool parties. Not just families or groups of friends, but also couples: renting a villa in Italy can be a very smart idea if you are planning to enjoy a really romantic holiday with your partner. In short, villas for rent in Italy are good solutions for different kinds of vacations. Anyway, these exclusive locations are mainly adopted for one or two weeks holidays. In a such period of time you can spend some days exploring countryside beauties or visiting some important cities or points of interest.

Summer is the best period to rent villas in Italy, but there are many promotions and discounts available just now, for Spring time. It’s a very beautiful season during which you can watch the spectacular coloured show of reviving nature.

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Today, be able to speak more languages is very important: not just for getting a good job, but also for converse with others. Many travel deals allow us the opportunity to visit several places in foreign nations, and in this cities it is probable to meet with people who don’t speak our own language. Knowing the grammar of another language is fundamental to make easier to exchange some important information like a good place for tasting local food, or to visit some historical monument or museum.

Italian is not one of the most spoken languages in the world like English. Anyway, it’s still a very important language. Italian words and expressions like “spaghetti”, “pizza”, “dolce vita”, “volare” and several others are globally known thanks to Italian food, fashion, music and cinema. Italian language is the closest relative to Latin, the language of the ancient Roman Empire, so it has a very complex grammar, with many exceptions, and a very rich vocabulary.

There are many good Italian language schools for who want to learn Italian. Studying a language while staying in that same nation is very useful, because you can continue to learn even when the lesson is over. Indeed, you are in close contact with Italian people and culture, and you need always interact and communicate.

You can also study Italian attending a course in some italian language schools because the best way is to learn Italian in Italy, where you can also live a priceless experience. To get good results, you need a minimum stay of three months, but with a period of six or twelve months you will have a very correct pronunciation and a very rich vocabulary. You can attend specific courses, or you can look for a linguistic exchange, also called “tandem”, with another person. You can find this kind of partner looking on the web. If you decided to learn Italian in Italy, you can choose to live in cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, Venice or Naples, where you have also the opportunity to visit many attractions and to enjoy of international atmosphere and nightlife.

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An extraordinary stay in exclusive structures, total relax surrounded by natural beauty, near very characteristic and historical relevant towns. if you choose to rent villas Marche, this is what you’re going to live.

Marche is not one of the most popular Italian regions of the world, anyway it offers many natural and artistic attractions for tourists. Economical researches show that the incoming flow of tourists has been more and more increasing in recent years. One of the most important attractions is represented by sea: Marche has 180 kilometres of coasts, and actually has also 16 blue flags (an Italian evaluation system to indicate that sea water is clean and very good for bathing). Marche has also a beautiful inner territory with 12 protected natural areas and very suggestive countryside. Marche is also famous for its towns, which still preserve intact walls since the communal age. In particular, most visited destinations are the cities of Urbino, declared heritage of humanity, and Ascoli Piceno, with its historical centre completely made by travertine stone.

Emma Villas it’s a tour operator specialized in renting villas in Italy, including regions of Tuscan, Lazio and Marche. Any person who rent villas Marche has the opportunity to live a dream, a very relaxing and comfortable holiday in exclusives buildings. Villas have wide spaces, a large garden with trees and a pool. Despite of their rustic outer aspect, these buildings provide any kind of comfort. Villas are perfect accommodations for families and for group of friends. They offers wide spaces where children can play while parents can enjoy relaxing hours surrounded by countryside beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

If you are going to rent villas in Marche, keep in mind this doesn’t mean that you have to give up visiting cities. In facts, villas are outside the cities, but not too far away. Marche is not a very big region: you can reach and visit any town or point of interest in a half-day trip. On Emma Villas website you can find many Italian villas to rent. A search engine will help you to select your favourite villa, giving you all the information about the location, rooms, services provided and prices.

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One of today’s most discussed questions in corporate management are about the executives remuneration. How should it work? Should the company directors be free to decide their compensation?

The answers deal with a general matter of power management. In facts, when the executives can choose their remuneration level, they often act to increase it and overpay themselves. This fact directly influences the effective corporate governance, because it creates conflict between the natural behaviour of the executives and the fiduciary duty of the board, related to protect the interests of the company. One possible way to solve this problem is the “Say On Pay” vote, a rule that gives the shareholders the right to vote on the remuneration of executives. In large listed companies, for example, the executives compensation is determined by a special committee that includes board members.

Some experts say that SOP votes are a good solution because they strengthen the relationship between shareholders and the board of directors, stimulating them to fulfil their fiduciary duty. On the other side, some people consider SOP votes to be a counter-productive policy, because they limit the authority of the board of directors and affect effective corporate governance.

On 24th September Sodali, a conflict free international consultancy, released a survey to know what institutional investors think about the “Say-On-Pay” (SOP) vote process. Thirty-five institutions from 10 countries, representing nearly $13 trillion of assets under management, responded to the survey.

Survey result is very interesting. Investors view the SOP vote as a good tool for an effective corporate governance. They want to have power on the executives’ retribution, but a large part of them (54%) also want to vote on general compensation policies rather than on specific elements of compensation. Moreover, 66% of respondents want the vote to be advisory rather than binding, and 77% of investors expressed a strong preference for holding the SOP vote annually.

While the comments submitted indicate a lively debate among institutional investors about the interpretation of SOP votes, the respondents seem to agree each other about the importance of this tool. In facts, the 80% of them rated it very important (4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5), especially considering the factor of companies’ financial performance.

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Italy is a very famous touristic destination, appreciated by many tourists from any part the world. Every year, many visitors come to this country to enjoy sun, sea, and all its very beautiful cities. In particular, during recent years more and more tourists have been also spending their holidays choosing villas in Tuscany.

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and famous region of Italy. Its territory borders Liguria and Emilia-Romagna regions to the north, Marche and Umbria to the east, and Lazio to the south. Tuscany is rich of touristic and historical relevant sites. In particular, six Tuscan localities have been designated World Heritage Sites: they are the historic centre of Florence (the regional capital), the historical centre of Siena, the square of the Cathedral of Pisa, the historical centre of San Gimignano, the historical centre of Pienza and the Val d’Orcia. Furthermore, Tuscan region is globally famous for the suggestive landscapes of its countryside and the coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Elba Island, one of the main touristic destinations of Italy, is also part of the Tuscany.

One of the most suggestive way to visit Tuscany is to rent a villa. The cost for a weekly rental is not too expensive, especially if compared with a four stars hotel in the centre of Florence, Siena, or another important Tuscan city. Villas in Tuscany are very exclusive locations situated out from the big cities, in very wide and quite spaces along the countryside or near the coast. These buildings have a strong and rough outer aspect, but on the inside they are very comfortable and offer a full services kind of accommodation. Many Tuscan villas for rent include gardens and, in some cases, swimming pools. These services makes villas in Tuscany perfect places for family holidays: kids can play in wide spaces and go biking exploring the countryside, while parents can enjoy relax and romantic walks through the characteristic small towns, surrounded by the magic atmosphere of their historical centres. But villas in Tuscany are good solutions for friends too, because the big spaces outside and inside these buildings are perfect accommodations for large groups of persons and ideal locations for parties.

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