Today, be able to speak more languages is very important: not just for getting a good job, but also for converse with others. Many travel deals allow us the opportunity to visit several places in foreign nations, and in this cities it is probable to meet with people who don’t speak our own language. Knowing the grammar of another language is fundamental to make easier to exchange some important information like a good place for tasting local food, or to visit some historical monument or museum.

Italian is not one of the most spoken languages in the world like English. Anyway, it’s still a very important language. Italian words and expressions like “spaghetti”, “pizza”, “dolce vita”, “volare” and several others are globally known thanks to Italian food, fashion, music and cinema. Italian language is the closest relative to Latin, the language of the ancient Roman Empire, so it has a very complex grammar, with many exceptions, and a very rich vocabulary.

There are many good Italian language schools for who want to learn Italian. Studying a language while staying in that same nation is very useful, because you can continue to learn even when the lesson is over. Indeed, you are in close contact with Italian people and culture, and you need always interact and communicate.

You can also study Italian attending a course in some italian language schools because the best way is to learn Italian in Italy, where you can also live a priceless experience. To get good results, you need a minimum stay of three months, but with a period of six or twelve months you will have a very correct pronunciation and a very rich vocabulary. You can attend specific courses, or you can look for a linguistic exchange, also called “tandem”, with another person. You can find this kind of partner looking on the web. If you decided to learn Italian in Italy, you can choose to live in cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, Venice or Naples, where you have also the opportunity to visit many attractions and to enjoy of international atmosphere and nightlife.