Villas in Lazio are famous since the Roman age, when the richest and most powerful men of Rome, the capital of the Roman Republic and Empire, started to build their wonderful residences. Those upper class people were called “Patrician”, and they belonged to the most ancient and influential families of the city. Most of them were important actors in Senate, and daily took important decisions related to the political life of the society. They had a lot of money, so they built many amazing residences along the countryside (Rustic Villas), but also in Rome (Urban Villas), where the magnificent aspect could better show the owner’s richness and power to the citizens. These were the first villas in Lazio in the history.

Even if many villas in Lazio of Roman age have not come down to us, some of them are still preserved in a good state. You can visit but not rent these villas in Lazio, neither in case of rare and special events. They are like museums, with artistic paintings, decorations and fountains. One of the most beautiful examples of these kinds of villas in Lazio is Hadrian’s Villa, situated in Tivoli near Rome, which had been Roman Emperor Hadrian residence during the second and third decades of the 2nd century AD.

Today, Lazio’s charm is still strong and many tourists come from every part of the world to visit Rome, the eternal city, and many others famous locations. Many tourists choose to stay in hotel or holiday houses, but new trend is to rent villas in Lazio. Obviously, these buildings have nothing to do with villas from the Roman age, however they offer a very relaxing stay, surrounded by nature. Some villas also have an elegant pool in the wide garden just out of the door. Large inner and outer spaces in exclusive residences, provided with any kind of comfort and services. With such features, rent villas in Lazio are perfect for any kind of holiday, both for families and groups of friends. Generally, rental duration is one or two weeks, and you can directly choose your villa looking on the internet, where many specialized websites provide online booking possibility. You can pay with credit card or via bank transfer. The price for renting a villa in Lazio depends on your stay’s duration and on the specific kind of villa, for example you can pay more if there are more rooms and accessories. Villas are not expensive if compared with a five stars hotel accommodation, furthermore you will be completely free to organize your days, enjoying relax or going to visit some special points of touristic interest.